How Drones Are Changing The Movie Industry

Drones Filming In Movies

For years now, drones have been in use by the military for special operations without posing a risk to human pilots. Recently, however, drones have also been utilized by the filming industry to produce breathtaking aerial footage.

Affordable Pricing

Drones have drastically lowered the cost of shooting high-definition aerial footage by thousands of dollars, making it more affordable to productions with smaller budgets. To go along with that, they can also greatly reduce the time required to set up a shot, which may serve to speed up film production by quite a bit.

UAVs have already been used in several popular movies, not limited to the flying car scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and the rooftop motorcycle chase featured in Skyfall. A select few companies have been formally approved to operate UAVs in movie and film production, placing them in high demand amongst countless filmmakers and producers. Drones will only continue to grow in popularity and efficiency, allowing for cheaper, and more impressive scenes in movies and TV shows.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2/5) Movie CLIP – Reckless Flying (2002) HD

Skyfall Blu-ray CLIP – Motorbike Chase (2012) – James Bond Movie HD


Additionally, Since the FAA’s approval of commercial drone use for movie production, producers can now stay local rather than send drone crews to South America, Europe, Canada, or other regions where commercial UAV usage was already permitted.

Exceptional Features

Modern UAVs include a number of useful features that make it easy for anyone to use them. The controls are usually fairly simple, and easy to learn, requiring no more than 30 minutes to get used to them.

Drones have greater maneuverability and a smaller size than helicopters or cranes, which makes them the ideal choice for filming in spaces that contain obstacles, such as enclosed or wooded areas.

They commonly come with stabilization systems to keep them from becoming unbalanced, allowing the user to make smooth movements that don’t seem jittery or unsteady, and some models even accomplish this in mild wind or rain.

Safety is a Priority

The UAVs are ordinarily equipped with a plethora of safety features to keep everything running smoothly and without incident. Some include redundancy features, such as the ability to have a rotor fail, and still keep in the air without consequence.

The propellers are usually manufactured to help reduce the risk of injury on contact with the blades, and the light bodies made for UAVs minimize the damage of impact.


Quadrocopters and other types of UAV will continue to rise in popularity and user-friendliness, and will most likely become an essential asset in the production of film and TV shows all over the world.

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