How To Optimize Your Retail Displays To Capture Impulse Shoppers

Impulse shoppers are some of your best friends. They do not take a great deal of time to decide on their purchases, and they are willing to spend money. In order to attract their attention, you need to cater your retail displays directly to them. Doing so can help you to draw in significantly more profits.

Price It Right
While impulse buyers vary across the income spectrum, they are usually not the people purchasing expensive items that are selling for thousands of dollars. Their purchases are likely more mid-range. Also, you know your customer base, so select items that will appeal to their budgets. Not only should you price the items themselves right, but you also have to consider the items around them. If the product you’re pushing is the most expensive one on the shelf, then customers are likely to turn their attention away from it.

Place Products at Eve-level
The products that intrigue customers the most are the ones that they can clearly see. Placing items on the bottom shelves is failing to properly target impulse buyers. Remember, impulse buyers are not spending as much time in the store as some of your other customers. They often want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Placing the targeted products on the shelves at their eye-level allows them to accomplish their goal.

Make Products Visible
Not only should these items sit on the right shelf level, but they also must rest in the right spot in the store. Don’t forget that these buyers have a level of urgency to them. If they have to lap the store multiple times to find the item, they are probably not going to put in that much effort. Place the items at point of purchase displays near the door or near other items that this target audience is likely to purchase.

Increase the Urgency
Your impulse buyers already have that drive in them to purchase products that they want in a short period of time; however, you don’t want to take any risks. In-store displays should encourage buyers to purchase the items now and remind them that they have only a limited time to act on the deals. Furthermore, your signs can let them know that the sale is available in-store only to drive more immediate business. You can advertise the sales on your website and on social media accounts, but make sure buyers know that they have to visit the store to get them.

Catching impulse shoppers helps to bring more business into your company. However, in order to accomplish that goal, you need to take specific steps to ensure that you are reaching out to them and addressing their needs as shoppers.

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